Jeanne 1B

The iconic square scarf in Point d'Esprit Bobbinet tulle is woven on the last two remaining point d'esprit looms in the world.  A Sophie Hallette exclusivity for a refined allure. 

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Square scarves have always occupied a special place among fashion accessories, thanks to the various ways they can be worn: folded into a triangle, the tip on the nape or the throat, as a band to deck a chignon, as a headband with a single or double bow…

Jeanne, the point d’esprit square scarf by Sophie Hallette, can readily be adapted to all of these uses: made of Bobbinet tulle, its knotted weave displays a delicate honeycombed network, dotted with a shower of tiny spots. This point d’esprit square scarf is woven at the Caudry workshop, on the two last remaining point d’esprit looms in the world: two mechanical giants, whose 8-tonne weight is inversely proportional to the hazy mist they emit.

Jeanne is a navy blue square scarf of 65 x 65 cm. Its finishing is made of a delicate bourdon stitching.

Each piece is signed with a silver engraved label and presented in an exclusive box. Jeanne also exists in black and navy blue (nuit).

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