Simone 2A

Simone is a straight edge oblong scarf finished with a discreet bourdon stitch. It is made of two Leavers Chantilly laces with a Lily of the valley motif delicately assembled together.

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ref: PE002A-165

Simone is part of a straight-edged oblong scarf collection where "heritage" motifs and colors clash. Tied in a simple knot or wrapped several times around the neck, lain across the shoulders, or done up in a turban, Sophie Hallette's scarves toy infinitely with the delicacy of Chantilly lace.

Simone presents an elegant association of two contrasting Chantilly laces joined with a delicate bourdon stitching. Featured here in black in the center and ecru on the border, this scarf is ideal for a romantic yet chic look.

This scarf is presented in an exclusive box and wrapped in a delicate tissue paper. It also exists in powder pink/black and full ecru version.

Dimensions: 155 x 40 cm

Simone is also sold on the boutique of the Opera de Paris.

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