Constance is a Chantilly lace mantilla with scalloped edges and a light sheer floral motif. Elegant and delicate, it is made in France on Leavers loom. 

Width : 55 cm

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During the second half of the 16th century, it was Spanish fashion that set the tone in the courts of Europe. So it was that women adopted the mantilla, a long silk or lace scarf, covering the head and shoulders. But it was thanks to Jackie Kennedy, that incontestable fashion icon, that the mantilla attained the status of a stunningly chic accessory.

Following in the wake of that most elegant of all Americans, Sophie Hallette has created a Chantilly lace mantilla called Constance. You can wear it traditionnally around the neck but also as the belt of a summer dress, or as a neck drape to make the mantilla the new black tie.

Constance is presented in an exclusive box and wrapped in a delicate tissue paper. Constance exists in plain version ecru or black while the tiny flowers bordering its scallopes blossom in white on light grey (perle) or nude version. 

Dimensions : 150 x 55 cm

Width 55
Style Classic
density Light
Pattern Floral
Aspect Cotton

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