Cluny 90 cm

90 cm wide guipure lace.

Composition: 77% cotton - 13% viscose - 10% polyamide/nylon.

Width : 90 cm

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ref: 970050-G11-CV069-090

This guipure lace is named Cluny after the town famous for having produced its lace rosette motif. A thick fabric made principally in cotton threads, it is an ideal choice to give a dress, jacket or top a sophisticated yet modern elegance.

It is offered in 5 versions: ecru (ecru), light beige (Marfin), very pale pink (flesh), amber (bright amber), electric blue (electric).

Care instructions

Lavage_interdit.jpgBlanchiment_interdit.jpgSechage_tambour_interdit.jpgrepassage_max_110.jpgNettoyage_prof- sec_F_modere.jpg

Width 90
Style Classic
density Covering
Pattern Geometric
Aspect Cotton

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