Printemps 90 cm

Printemps is a Leavers lace with a floral pattern.
Composition: 45% viscose - 55% polyamide/nylon.

Width : 90 cm

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ref: 901440-G11-NV049-090

This Chantilly lace, made in France on Leavers looms, proposes an elegant floral ornamentation of forget-me- nots and tulips. Its high-quality polyamide and rayon weave creates a multi-tonal effect thanks to textures that guarantee a timeless, unique beauty.

This lace is part of the Riechers Marescot collection and carries the Dentelle de Calais-Caudry label. Sophie Hallette and Riechers Marescot are brands in the Sophie Hallette company.

Printemps is availble in yellow (lemon), orange, purple (violet), sky blue and fuchsia pink.  

Care instructions
Lavage_interdit.jpgBlanchiment_interdit.jpgSechage_tambour_interdit.jpgrepassage_max_110.jpgNettoyage_prof- sec_F_modere.jpg
Width 90
Style Modern
density Light
Pattern Floral
Aspect Silky

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