Coquette Paillette 90 cm

Coquette Paillette 90 cm is a floral Chantilly lace with a delicate glitter print
Composition: 45% viscose - 55% polyamide/nylon.

Width : 90 cm

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ref: PRA0007-11-090

This Chantilly lace features an abstract floral pattern underlined with a wrap yarn which is a shade lighter that the background, for renard/argent and begonia/azalee.

The petals and leaves colors seem more intense that the background color as the weave is tighter.

The premium quality viscose and polyamide/nylon yarns guarantee a long-lasting beauty of the lace.

Embellished in France with a delicate glitter print (Hotmelt sparkling technique), the lace radiates.

Light and shiny, this Leavers lace is ideal for a dress, a shirt, a top. 

Coquette paillette also exists in non-embellished version and available in the Chantilly tab.

This lace is labelled Dentelle de Calais-Caudry.  

Care instructions

Lavage_interdit.jpgBlanchiment_interdit.jpgSechage_tambour_interdit.jpgrepassage_max_110.jpgNettoyage_prof- sec_F_modere.jpg
Width 90
Style Modern
density Light
Pattern Floral
Aspect Silky

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