Diana is a Leavers lace clutch embellished with a copper print, essential accessory for a sophisticated metallic touch. 

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ref: PPDIANA-NC-1521

Either slipped inside a handbag, or used as its replacement during an evening out, whether it adds a hint of fantasy to a tomboy outfit or to a bridal gown, the clutch bag is an accessory which is as minimalist as it is indispensable. With their zip fasteners and waxed cotton straps, Sophie Hallette’s clutch bags flaunt the finesse of tulle and lace.

After being graced by a lacquered print, the copper tendrils of Diana provide a perfect party-touch.

This clutch is made of a pink gold zip and a black wax cotton cord to wear it at the wrist.  Diana is made of Leavers lace woven in France and presented in an exclusive box. This clutch also exists in black glossy version.

Dimensions : 15 x 22 cm

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